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it's all about structure


I am a composer obsessed with beautiful story telling. Story telling in visual arts, in music and sound design. And life - that's a whole new story.  

In my free time (you know, when my workstation is booting up and software is loading) I'm knocking on my little drum and various parts of furniture if drum is out of reach. It helps to develop my sense of rhythm which I'm eager to implement whenever possible.

I make music that tells a story. Your story.


What I Do

The thing I love about music the most is how different it can impact people and their activities. Everybody listens to the music and everybody hear it in his or her own way. It can have a huge impact on lives.

I can do an extraordinary job. Not for everyone, but for the people I want to work with. If your favorite activity involves some of the things above, we are almost friends! Hit me whith a message and we can chat about
your exciting project.



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